Keeley Sheppard

ITV3 'Collected Stories'



I was one of the Illustrators for this long project with Anderson M Studio and Tundra*. I had to design paper sculptures to fit in jars in illustrator, then these were printed and handed to paper cutters, where they would then be photographed and animated in after effects.

Director - Espen Haslene

Co-Director - Martin M. Andersen

Art Director - Karine Faou

Executive Creative Producer - Andy Soup / Soup Factory Ltd.

Producers - Jason Underhill, Ben Sullivan

Production Assistant - Jade Bogue

Senior Model Maker - Line Lunnemann Andersen

Model Makers & Cutters - Cat Johnston, Helene Baum, Rosy Nicholas

Illustration - Keeley Sheppard, Paulina Slebodzinska

Storyboard artist - Oscar Arancibia

Computer Animation & Compositing - Dominic Burgess, Aaron Trinder, Marc Hardman, Letty Fox , Oscar Granse

Compositing assistant - Adam Stewart

3D Modelling & CGI - Duncan Burch @ Lumiere Studios

Sound Design - Mikkel H. Eriksen (Instrument Studio)

Music Composition for 'Darker' - Mikkel H. Eriksen (Instrument Studio)

Studio Manager - Elina Masai Andersen

Directors Rep - Jade Bogue @ Soup Factory